"I separate the subject entirely from the context and place it in a blank field of colour or repetitive texture. These floating images resonate with a particular interest I have in islands. I have spent all my life on one island or another and am interested in the tendency towards singularity of identity that can be engendered in island communities and the opportunity there is for isolation, uncomplicated by problematic borders."

"This urge to delineate, categorise and determine one thing from other things finds satisfaction in islands whose borders are absolute and immutable like the sea. Like all conceits however, there is ultimately a contradiction: the shoreline of an island is not a clear margin. The tide ebbs and flows, the waves lap over the rocks and water seeps between the grains of sand making difference between what is land and what is sea impossible to distinguish."

"What may appear to be a painting of one thing is typically an allegory for something else, mostly a human experience or condition. These proxy images aren't necessarily to be seen and deciphered in the way that I set out to communicate."

Partner Organisations:

The Art Workers Guild | The British Postal Museum and Archive | Cass Art | Hidden Cities & Bloomsbury Festival | Langham Gallery | The Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain | The Medical Research Council | The Museum of London | The Orange Dot Gallery | Queen Mary University of London | The Royal Veterinary College | School of Oriental and African Studies| Barts Pathology Museum | The Underdog Art Co.

Geoffrey Harrison is originally from Manchester in the north of England. After completing an undergraduate degree in Fine Art Printmaking from the School of Art in Hull, he lived in Japan for several years. After returning to the UK to complete an MA in London, Geoffrey now lives and works in London where he was Artist in Residence at Barts Pathology Museum at St. Bart's Hospital and recently completed a Leverhulme residency at The Royal Veterinary College. He has a studio in Bermondsey and exhibits in the UK and internationally.

His practice is often collaborative and in partnership with other individuals, organisations and institutions, teaching facilitating workshops, presenting seminars and talks and curating work by other artists.